ReTendon is developing a novel tendon repair medical device that improves health outcomes in patients with tendon injuries.


Standard treatment for acutely lacerated tendons is end-to-end repairs using sutures [ A significant proportion of repaired tendons re-rupture, requiring costly secondary surgery Twenty five percent of repairs are not achieving satisfactory results due to the formation of structurally and biomechanically inferior scar tissue Suture augmentation products are available, but not commonly used. These patches temporarily reinforce the damaged tendon and are supposed to promote repair. However, they add significant bulk to the repaired area, impairing tendon glide and functional outcome. Some devices can be rejected by the body.


ReTendon have developed a novel tendon repair Class III medical device, which builds a bridge between the ends of sown-together tendons. Our device enables tendons to re-build more naturally, with a potential for tendons to heal faster and more strongly. It would also help reduce tendons from breaking after surgery. This will reduce re-operation costs and reduce the length of rehabilitation and time off work for patients.

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