Our Technology

Standard treatment for acutely lacerated tendons is end-to-end repairs using sutures .Twenty five percent of repairs are not achieving satisfactory results due to the formation of structurally and biomechanically inferior scar

We are developing a novel tendon repair medical device designed to be inserted into the sutured tendon and reabsorbed over time. It bridges the repaired tendon, promotes collagen deposition between lacerated ends and encourages the repair process. Data from previous successful MRC DPFS awards indicates faster and stronger tendon healing with our device, suggesting the potential for improved health outcomes by accelerating healing and reducing re-rupture by up to 50%. Our initial research demonstrates that our device is safe and is likely to improve tendon repair. We have also established manufacturing processes and demonstrated the ability to manufacture a stable and sterile product.

This patent-protected work (patents 2008, 2019) draws on breakthrough UK research at the University of Manchester and will be further developed and commercialised by UK company ReTendon.